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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

By Jalisa Jones


The other day, my perusal of the internet brought me to an open online forum called, which included a thread about whether Bayou Classic should still be televised.

As a proud alumna of a Historically Black College or University (HBCU) and fellow member of the Southwest Athletic Conference (SWAC), I was bewildered and felt undervalued.

The forum asked legitimate questions regarding the benefits of the game, the profit margin of the network (NBC) that broadcasts it, and the game’s effect on the tourism industry. However, some of the posts to the forum included derogatory and frankly racist comments.

Of these off color topics, the one that angered me the most was one that asked, “Is black college football relevant?” Given the topic of the forum, one would assume that the poster was referring strictly to HBCUs, but given the placement of his comma I would assume he was referring to all “blacks” in college football.

I came up with an idea to solve the discrepancies on whether “black college football” is relevant: denying black men in college the opportunity to play football. Take all of these money making, powerhouse teams, and strip them of their African-American players.

To be fair, lets start with the team whose cult-like fan base is the primary audience of the site: LSU.

Goodbye, Leonard Fournette, Anthony Jennings, Jalen Mills, and all of the 80-something black players on the team. The result would be barely enough players for a Saturday 7-on-7 match-up at the local BREC park.

The same would hold true for about 90 percent, if not more, of the nation’s college football teams if their black players were taken away. With that being said, does one really need to ask how relevant these players are?

Is the real problem here Southern and Grambling’s airtime on NBC, or that their records surpassed that of the Bayou Bengals?

Their playing seems to bother some, but it shouldn’t.

To tell these players that you don’t think their college football team should be televised undervalues the hard work these young men put into playing for schools that have been rooted in the black community. In addition, this game is a recruitment tool for both programs, not to mention so important to the fan bases of both schools that the programs have forfeited Football Championship Subdivision playoff eligibility to keep the Bayou Classic going.

The Bayou Classic has been a tradition and an in-state rivalry well before it was popularized in 1974. Current students, future students and alumni of both schools, benefit from not only the game but also the events prior such as the College & Career Fair; Black Enterprise Elevator Pitch Program and the Capital One Bayou Classic Business Challenge.

The exact amount of earnings from the game’s broadcast isn’t apparent, but I would infer NBC values the Bayou Classic because of its extension in 2013 to broadcast the game for the next three years, as stated by the Advocate. Tourism in New Orleans this year brought in over 200,000 people to the city, as hotels booked up, and cars stretched for miles from every direction.

Although your opinion on black college football is allowed via the First Amendment, expressing it toward student-athletes whose choice in school does not meet your preference should be barred because you have no problem with “black college football” when your African-American quarterback wins you the game. LSU fans should recall a time when LSU was not that good and see how they would have felt if their rivalry games between Alabama or Arkansas were pulled from broadcast television outside those markets.

So with that being said, LET THOSE KIDS PLAY!

Tiger Stadium Home of The Corn Dogs

“College Game Day” is back in Baton Rouge, Louisiana!
On  Friday Oct. 24, 2014 some of the “ESPN College Game Day” cast took the time to speak without outside media in the LSU Student Union.

There was one question that seem to come up with each cast member and even the Game Day show producer, “Do you think LSU stadium smells like corn dogs?” There were many different responses for this question, and the cast seem to be just as clueless as LSU fans.

Host Desmond Howard being the first to be clueless of the LSU Corn dog epidemic,

” I have been here several times and never heard of that reference, I guess Katy Perry was dialed in” said Howard. Surely if you’re a LSU fan, you have heard of the Corn dog crack that Katy Perry made by throwing the corn dogs at the camera taking a stab at LSU, as she was in favor of Ole Miss during her appearance on” College Game Day”.

That didn’t sit too well with many LSU fans and not many LSU fans really know how that rumor started and how it even has become such a epidemic. Also Lee Fitter the producer of “College Game Day”, who actually picks the special guest for Game Day hadn’t heard of the corn dog smelling LSU stadium.

First let’s put it out there that Fitting didn’t let it out the bag who the special guest is for tomorrow against Ole Miss. However he gave out a few hints, that this person is a male and they have no ties to LSU as a former athlete, or student. So that should narrow it down a bit right? Fitting was also questioned about the Katy Perry corn dog tantrum, and if he knew that was planned.

“I’m sitting there watching this play out, and I’m like wait, what is she doing?” said Fitting. Fitting just like Howard claims that he hadn’t heard about the LSU, corn dog smelling connection before Katy Perry’s outburst on TV. Ultimately not many people know why opposing fans even say that LSU fans, students, oe stadium smells like corn dogs.

Who know’s who started this joke, with there being various myths out there. One being that it all started long ago because of the Ole Miss vs LSU rivalry. Although if you’re a  LSU fan or not it can be considered a pretty silly, and not too clever pun against LSU. Couldn’t people come up with something a bit more clever and original. Maybe something that even actually relates to LSU.

Either way I guess that’s the only bad thing rivals can come up with against LSU, if that’s all they got then LSU must be pretty awesome.

So enjoy “College Game Day” LSU fans and don’t forget to bring that corn dog scent with you.

LSU ranked 16 to start 2013 season

ESPN’s way too early to tell poll has the Tigers ranked No. 16.

This comes as no surprise coming off last season’s Chick-Fil-A bowl loss. Everybody knows the early rankings are affected by how the team finished the year before.

ESPN gives Ohio State the No. 1 ranking for now. Defending champion Alabama comes in at No. 2. Oregon, Louisville, and Stanford round out the top 5. There are 5 SEC teams ahead of LSU. No. 2 Alabama, No. 6 Texas A&M, No. 7 Georgia, No. 8 South Carolina, and No. 11 Florida.

Tiger fans shouldn’t be worried. Last year, Notre Dame started the season unranked. As long as the Tigers can take care of business, they will move their way back up.

Anybody who follows preseason polls knows they don’t have much merit. That being said, the Tigers have some work to do if they want to compete for another national championship.

Here are the full rankings:

  1. Ohio State
  2. Alabama
  3. Oregon
  4. Louisville
  5. Stanford
  6. Texas A&M
  7. Georgia
  8. South Carolina
  9. Michigan
  10. Notre Dame
  11. Florida
  12. Clemson
  13. Texas
  14. Florida State
  15. Oklahoma State
  16. LSU
  17. Oklahoma
  18. TCU
  19. UCLA
  20. Kansas State
  21. Boise State
  22. Nebraska
  23. USC
  24. Northwestern
  25. Wisconsin

New SEC Network

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Photo by:

The Southeastern Conference announced the launch of its own 24 hour network on May 2nd. The new SEC Network is slated to hit the airwaves in August 2014.

According to ESPN, the SEC and ESPN agreed to a 20-year deal. The network will feature more than 1,000 live events in the first year.

ESPN says, “included in the programming will be 45 football games, more than 100 men’s and more than 60 women’s basketball games, 75 baseball games and selected events from the other 17 SEC sports. The network will also feature studio shows and coverage of special events such as signing day and football pro days.”

The Big Ten, Pac-12, and the Mountain West conferences already have their own television networks.

According to USA Today, “Some believe the combination of the current contract with CBS and the arrival of the SEC Network will produce in the neighborhood of $400 million in revenue annually — about $28.5 million per conference school.”

AT&T U-verse is the first provider to pick up the rights to the network.

For more information about the SEC Network, including a list of FAQs, visit

Everybody wants to be the big dog

Texas A M Future Football

Photo courtesy of CBS Sports

OPINION:  You can’t fault the young pup for getting a little taste of the big time and suddenly thinking it has what it takes to be the leader of the pack.  I’m talking of course about still wet behind the ears SEC newbie Texas A&M, who recently howled at the moon that, “I’m not only dangerous because I was the only team to squat on the otherwise unblemished record of last year’s eventual BCS national champion and SEC West rival Alabama Crimson Tide, but I’ll also still be guided by the only lead dog in college football history to have won the Heisman Trophy as a freshman for potentially the next three seasons.  Respect me!”

To anyone who thought they were all bark and no bite, the official Texas A&M athletics website recently reported that the school’s board of regents has approved an initial plan to spend an estimated $450 million on the redevelopment of Kyle Field, projected to enhance its overall capacity to 102,500.  It looks like soon the self-proclaimed “Home of the 12th man” will become the SEC’s largest football stadium behind Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium (102,455) and Alabama’s Bryant-Denney Stadium (101,821), not to mention the third largest in the entire nation.  Should that be the case, one can assume it’s only a matter of time before the Tide counters by installing a few more seats- presumably foldable lawn chairs, which is how they apparently roll in Tuscaloosa.

This news comes as LSU is in the midst of a stadium expansion of its own.  According to the LSU Athletic Department, approximately 60 suites and approximately 3,000 club seats are currently being added to the Tiger Stadium south end zone, as well as approximately 1,500 general public seats above the new suite and club seating.  This most recent stadium expansion is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2014.

No matter how much bigger and flashier the stadiums of LSU’s SEC rivals might become, the simple fact remains that you can build a palatial dog house for a Chihuahua, but that doesn’t mean it’s suddenly going to transform the little pup into a St. Bernard.  Case in point the Tennessee Volunteers, who are an underwhelming 28-34 since 2008 under five different head coaches despite playing in the largest football stadium south of the Mason-Dixon line.


Exiled no more

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Photo courtesy of the

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Sean Payton for the entire last  season for his involvement in the bounty scandal. Last season the Saints went 7-9, having their first losing season since 2007.

“It’s painful,” Payton said to the “There’s so much you have invested in a program, and so each week to sit and watch from a distance every game . . . absolutely [painful], because these are players and coaches you care about like your own family. So, unusual and difficult, yes.”

After a challenging 2012 season, the New Orleans Saints welcome back their head coach. Monday, April 15th was the start of the Saints offseason workout program in Metairie and the players knew they were entering a new world.

Veteran wide receiver Lance Moore hopes to move forward from last year and is excited about welcoming Coach Payton back to the Dome.

“I think first and foremost, it’s been an extremely long last 12, 14, 15 months,” Moore said to “It’s been a tough time for all of us down there. Obviously, Sean not being able to be around guys for a whole year, and then us not having him and not having a successful year that we were looking forward to having last year.”

Just because Coach Payton is back does not mean the Saints will be the 2014 Super Bowl Champions.

“That’s a dangerous mind-set for a team to have,” Payton said, whose team went 37-11 with a Super Bowl title in his three seasons before the suspension. “We could turn around and win five games if you don’t correct some of what’s [faulty].”

Saints Quarter back Drew Brees waited for the time when he would reunite with his head coach and team after last year’s debacle. After his first offseason workout with Payton’s return, Brees told, “I know that I have been looking forward to this day for three months.”

Moore remembers his first training camp with Payton leading the way.

“The best way to describe it is culture shock, especially for guys who played for Sean the last couple of seasons,” Moore said to “Even they are going to see a totally different animal. I was definitely there in ’06 and it was definitely one of the hardest training camps.”

Payton has made changes on and off the playing field already for the Saints and I am sure there will be plenty more as the count down to the 2013 Who Dat season approaches.

Football is king

All collegiate spring games have been played and the 2013 NFL Draft has passed, and now the NBA playoffs have begun, but who really pays close attention to the NBA playoffs until the championship?

I mostly certainly do not, especially since Kobe Bryant went down with an Achilles tendon injury and shattered the Laker’s playoff run. My real concern, during the LSU football offseason, is the trouble that has surfaced throughout the past two years for the Tigers.

Yes, football is king, but should it overshadow everything else?

Tyrann Mathieu is the 69th overall draft pick by the Arizona Cardinals after being dismissed from the LSU team for failing a drug test. Mathieu’s success at LSU put him in the running as a Heisman Trophy finalist, but his own choices lead to his time as a Tiger to be cut short.

According to, in 2011 the Honey Badger, Tharold Simon, and Spencer Ware were suspended for the Auburn game after testing positive in a drug test. All three former Tigers were drafted over the weekend, but have they learned from their mistakes?

Apparently not for the Honey Badger or Simon. Mathieu was arrested with three other members of the 2011 LSU team in October 2012. The Badger sealed his own fate with the Tigers.

This past weekend, amidst the Tiger’s historical 2013 draft with nine, Simon still made headlines off the field.

According to, Simon was arrested on charges of public intimidation of a police officer, resisting an officer, a noise violation and obstruction of a roadway.

LSU sophomore tailback Jeremy Hill followed suit behind Simon. According to, Hill was arrested and charged with simple battery after allegedly punching another man outside of Reggie’s Bar.

Hill’s college career was delayed a year after he was arrested in early 2011 for an alleged sexual assault on a 14-year-old girl. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and was able to enroll at LSU and play football last season.

I understand people make mistakes, but how many second chances should a person be given? Football is most certainly king, but even the king should learn from his mistakes.

Sean Payton talks Saints 2013 draft class

With the New Orleans Saints recovering from a less than stellar 2012 season, head coach Sean Payton spoke on the 2013 draft class and what the new players will have to offer this year.

Among those drafted to the Saints was defensive end Rufus Johnson from Tarleton State, who the team selected first. Payton said, “… he has that physical stature that you are looking for. We feel like he is a guy that can rush the passer really well. So he can line up one of those outside positions and we will see how he develops. You are looking for some traits that stand out and with him clearly that’s the case.”

On Kenny Stills, the wide receiver from Oklahoma who the Saints drafted 10th, Payton said, “he is someone who runs exceptionally well, he is fluid, and then I think at the very beginning of the draft with Kenny Vaccaro, there is a real good background or body of work the way he plays.”

Arkansas-Pine Bluff tackle Terron Armstead, who the Saints selected in round three as their 13th pick, adds to the defense and fits Payton’s preference for stature and athleticism with an impressive skill-set.

Payton mentioned that not only were the Saints looking for size, speed and measurables, but also at how the players will fit in with the team. He said, “I think our players are counting on likely motivated guys- guys who have that in common. I think that that is one of the things you get to find out pretty quickly.”

Nine drafted, two arrested

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The 2013 NFL draft wrapped up yesterday in the Big Apple with LSU having a record breaking nine players drafted. In the midst of the most successful LSU draft history, two Tigers were arrested two days apart.

On Thursday night after defensive end Barkevious Mingo and safety Eric Reid were selected in the first round, junior cornerback Tharold Simon of Eunice spent the night in jail.

According to the, Simon was arrested on charges of public intimidation of a police officer, resisting an officer, a noise violation and obstruction of a roadway.

On Saturday despite the recent arrest, Simon ended up going fifth in the fifth round to the Seattle Seahawks with the 138th overall pick.

Before the draft concluded Saturday, LSU sophomore tailback Jeremy Hill of Baton Rouge was arrested and jailed earlier that morning for a misdemeanor charge of simple battery after an incident at a bar near the LSU campus.

According to, Hill’s college career was delayed a year after he was arrested in early 2011 for an alleged sexual assault on a 14-year-old girl. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and was able to enroll at LSU and play football last season.

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Hill was LSU’s leading rusher with 755 yards on 142 carries. His 12 touchdowns were the most by an LSU freshman since Dalton Hilliard had 11 in 1982.