By Jessica Busada

Tiger Stadium is known as one of the greatest stadiums to play and watch college football. The experience of a game in Tiger Stadium is one that is hard to forget.

The student section has always been one of the best in college sports but that opinion may change soon. In the Tigers final home game of the season against Alabama the student section was classless.

Close to the end of a tough game, the students began chanting “F*** You Saban” loud and clear for not only those in attendance to hear but also everyone watching on CBS. This is completely classless and embarrassing for multiple reasons.

During this vulgar chant the students failed to notice one of our own players was down on the field hurt.

When a player, especially from your team, is hurt fans should be quiet and the music should stop. Our students decided it was more important to chant about a coach that has been gone from our school for ten years.

The injured player during that time deserves an apology from the student section. The amount of disrespect shown at that moment was disturbing.

Everyone knows LSU fans do not like Saban, but it is time to get over it and move on. The chant only made us look bitter and classless.

At a point in the game where our players needed the fans more than ever this chant started and it hyped up the Alabama players not ours. We should be cheering on our team and coach and motivating them.

The majority of the students chanting probably have no idea why they hate Saban.  They were kids when he coached at LSU and most probably paid no attention at that time.

The students are hurting the brand of LSU as a whole. It is incredibly embarrassing and has absolutely no benefit.

The chant was an insult to our players, coaches and staff. They are working hard to make the fans happy and get the win but their own student section is cheering about the opponent’s coach.

Those chanting are not true LSU football fans and are ruining the experience in Tiger Stadium that has been known as the best for years. Families attend and watch the games and children are hearing these loud obscene chants. Parents did not pay for their kids to hear this and should not have to listen to it.

Players want their fans cheering for them, helping them gain energy and motivation throughout the game. This disgusting chant is not what that want to hear, it does not help the players at all.

The Saban chant was a gift to the Alabama players because it gave them a boost of energy and more motivation to win. Look who came away with the win in overtime, not LSU.

Congratulations students you have successfully embarrassed the university you claim to love, disrespected your team especially the player who was down with an injury and the entire coaching staff.

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