Tiger Stadium Home of The Corn Dogs

“College Game Day” is back in Baton Rouge, Louisiana!
On ¬†Friday Oct. 24, 2014 some of the “ESPN College Game Day” cast took the time to speak without outside media in the LSU Student Union.

There was one question that seem to come up with each cast member and even the Game Day show producer, “Do you think LSU stadium smells like corn dogs?” There were many different responses for this question, and the cast seem to be just as clueless as LSU fans.

Host Desmond Howard being the first to be clueless of the LSU Corn dog epidemic,

” I have been here several times and never heard of that reference, I guess Katy Perry was dialed in” said Howard. Surely if you’re a LSU fan, you have heard of the Corn dog crack that Katy Perry made by throwing the corn dogs at the camera taking a stab at LSU, as she was in favor of Ole Miss during her appearance on” College Game Day”.

That didn’t sit too well with many LSU fans and not many LSU fans really know how that rumor started and how it even has become such a epidemic. Also Lee Fitter the producer of “College Game Day”, who actually picks the special guest for Game Day hadn’t heard of the corn dog smelling LSU stadium.

First let’s put it out there that Fitting didn’t let it out the bag who the special guest is for tomorrow against Ole Miss. However he gave out a few hints, that this person is a male and they have no ties to LSU as a former athlete, or student. So that should narrow it down a bit right? Fitting was also questioned about the Katy Perry corn dog tantrum, and if he knew that was planned.

“I’m sitting there watching this play out, and I’m like wait, what is she doing?” said Fitting. Fitting just like Howard claims that he hadn’t heard about the LSU, corn dog smelling connection before Katy Perry’s outburst on TV. Ultimately not many people know why opposing fans even say that LSU fans, students, oe stadium smells like corn dogs.

Who know’s who started this joke, with there being various myths out there. One being that it all started long ago because of the Ole Miss vs LSU rivalry. Although if you’re a ¬†LSU fan or not it can be considered a pretty silly, and not too clever pun against LSU. Couldn’t people come up with something a bit more clever and original. Maybe something that even actually relates to LSU.

Either way I guess that’s the only bad thing rivals can come up with against LSU, if that’s all they got then LSU must be pretty awesome.

So enjoy “College Game Day” LSU fans and don’t forget to bring that corn dog scent with you.

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