How are Tiger fans feeling?


The younger generation of Karam boys setting up "The Party Box" tailgate.

The younger generation of Karam boys setting up “The Party Box” tailgate.

By Jessica Busada

With the 2014 season off to a rocky start, LSU fans seem to have mixed feelings about the team and how the season will play out.

The Tigers have only lost two games, both to top-10 teams, but the toughest stretch of the season is just beginning.

As usual, you can find a mixture of negative fans and positive fans that both believe they are still “true Tiger fans.”

Friday nights before home games, you will find dedicated, long-time Tiger fans setting up their tailgates for the big game Saturdaynight.

53-year-old Hab Karam, an alum of LSU and life-long LSU fan, has been setting up his tailgate known as the “Party Box” in the same spot since 1987! If you are ever on campus for a home game you have seen this famous tailgate that displays a ceiling fan in front of the RV.

His tailgate has become a family event, passing on the setup rituals to his son Ben Karam, a current LSU student.

Hab Karam has seen many LSU games and watched many different teams, and has his own opinion of this season and the 2014 team.

“I am optimistically worried. We have a chance to have a very good year with a very young team. Our two losses are by the No. 1 and No. 8 teams with the No. 8 team only losing to No. 1. Our freshmen will have to mature quickly and learn how to play listening to a lot of boo-birds, and I will cheer they can be successful,” Karam said.

Recent graduate and 24-year-old Baton Rouge native Ashton Piland has been attending games for the past 20 years and is a loyal Tiger fan.

“I’m optimistic that we’ll continue to improve, but I’m worried it won’t be enough to win the majority of our remaining games this season,” Piland said.

Dixon McMakin, a 28-year-old Baton Rouge native, has been going to LSU football games his whole life and tailgating has always been a tradition.

“The love and passion for LSU is always present weather it is an early or late game or if it is hot or cold. We adjust the food and drink accordingly,” McMakin said.

“I think we have a very determined yet young team that expects great things from themselves. I think we will go 2-2 in our remaining four SEC games and most likely end up in a lower level bowl game that we will win.”

The Party Box tailgate logo.

The Party Box tailgate logo.

Dixon McMakin, also known as LSU Elvis.

Dixon McMakin, also known as LSU Elvis.


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