LSU Sets Record Crowd


What is your first thought whenever you see the letters L-S-U?

Perhaps you think of the glorious, newly expanded Tiger Stadium. But have you ever thought about the team who is in charge of getting fans into all those seats?

At the LSU Athletic Ticket Office, football preparations begin once the regular season ends prior to the bowl game each year.

Season ticket renewals come into full effect in mid-January until they are completely sold out. Season tickets for LSU football have been sold out for the past 10 years.

With the brand new Tiger Stadium expansion, having more seats has been both a positive and negative for the ticket office.

Ticket prices in Tiger Stadium vary depending on the opponent and the location of the seat itself. LSU officials believe that with the ticket office’s new tiered pricing structure it will reflect the true value of the seats.

The positive side is that there are more seats for fans to attend games, which will bring in more revenue to the athletic department.

LSU sold a record 74,350 season tickets for this football season. According to LSU athletic ticket manager Brian Broussard, LSU was able to sell about 6,000 more tickets this year because of the new addition in the south end zone.

For the Sam Houston State game, 100,338 tickets were scanned Saturday at the entrances to the stadium. Tim Messa, who is in charge of ticket operations for the LSU Athletic Department, said Sam Houston State only bought 1,100 of its ticket allotment, a major factor in attendance being short of Tiger Stadium’s new capacity of 102,321.

Although Sam Houston State’s fan base was slim for Saturday’s game, the school benefitted from a $500,000 guarantee for playing the game, according to The Advocate.

With the limited amount of tickets sold to the Bearkats, there were more tickets available for Tiger fans. However, the ticket office has to face three non-conference home games which could be problematic for filling the newly expanded stadium.

The ticket office has come up with incentives to entice fans to purchase tickets by providing special ticket sales to fans and working out a deal with Tiger Concessions.

The special for the game against Sam Houston State was to purchase two tickets for $20 in the upper deck of the south end zone.

Of the 1,400 new seats in the south end zone upper deck level, there were 686 fans that were able to experience the new upper deck through the special ticket pricing. Broussard and Messa spoke with fans who sat there Saturday and said they took away positive feedback from their experiences.

With the new expansion, more concession stands were needed.

Tiger Concessions director Larry Wallace said he has many plans to expand his food options for hungry Tiger fans with the increasing number of stands in Tiger Stadium.

Representatives from both departments are hopeful with the stadium expansion and new food choices more fans will want to attend games, even LSU’s remaining non-conference games with UL-Monroe and New Mexico State.

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